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    Zensah Ballet - Compression Leg Sleeves for Ballet

    Although most people recognize Zensah as a brand for runners, there are many other types of athletes that wear our products. One group of athletes that really benefits from compression is ballet dancers! We actually have dancers in the Boston Ballet, Philadelphia Ballet, and the American Ballet Theater that wear our compression leg sleeves for training and recovery. See all the pictures below to be inspired by the beauty, strength, and grace of these athletes.


    zensah-balletzensah-balletzensah-balletScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.25.32 PMzensah-ballet

    Zensah Athlete - Laura Anderson

    Name: Laura Anderson

    Hometown: Rochester, NY

    Sport: Running

    Years in current sport: 10+ years

    What got you started: I went out for track in junior high because everyone told me I should; I spent years running around on a soccer field. That turned into an instant love, I continued as a track athlete in high school and into college. After college I got pretty sick and spent some time in the hospital; when I was finally on the upswing I started walking and then running to get stronger again. That turned into my first 5k, then 10k, half marathon, and eventually my first marathon. Here we are 50+ 5k’s, 20+ Half Marathon’s, and 10+ marathons later—talk about a snowball effect.

    Laura Anderson Laura Anderson

    Biggest accomplishment of your career: Having an NJCAA National Track & Field Championship, as well as being named All-American college athlete will always be a highlight for me. But my more recent ‘accomplishments’ almost mean more because it reminds me that the ‘glory days’ don’t have to be over when you’re done with college—success is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to start setting goals and working towards them. Qualifying and running the Boston Marathon is something I never dreamed would happen- let alone multiple times, so I’d say that is definitely one of the best accomplishments in last few years. Having some wins from the 5k-half marathon, and a few top 5 marathon showings are also on the list of proud moments.

    What parts of your training are key to your success?  Variety in training is something that helps keep me mentally and physically fresh. Whether it is varying routes, new workouts, running with people sometimes, jumping in a race as a workout, or taking an unplanned rest day when needed. I also think that willingness to learn is big key to the improvements I’ve made over the years. Asking for help and advice from others, reading articles on different training methods, learning which workouts will help me get which results. On that note, also learning what works for ME and not just the general population is important- there isn’t a one size fits all training/nutrition/racing plan.

    What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? The mental aspect of training and racing is something that I think provides the most consistent challenge. Grinding the miles day after day and doing what needs to be done isn’t always easy. Getting to race day, when conditions might not be ideal, when you have fears and doubts- it makes things harder. Learning to focus on what I CAN control has been the biggest piece of the puzzle. You can’t control the weather, so train for all of it or learn to adjust goals. You can’t control who shows up to race, so focus on your own miles and splits and less about what others are doing. The mental game gets much easier when you feel in control and prepared for what YOU are doing.

    What is your favorite Zensah product and why? Definitely the compression calf sleeves. They are comfortable, well made, and get the job done. I have no issues running in them, sleeping in them for recovery, or wearing them under my work clothes for support/extra recovery time.

    How long have you been using Zensah? I bought my first pair of Zensah Leg Sleeves in 2011 while training for my second marathon. I still own that pair, they have gotten so much use out of them and are still in great shape. My collection has grown quite a bit since then!

    If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? I always wanted to play football- so there’s that ;)

    What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? I’m pretty simple with regards to refueling- PB&J, or chocolate milk do the trick (not to mention the protein helps recovery). I also firmly believe a Guinness is great post-workout carb loading.

    Who/what inspires you? I try and find inspiration wherever I can; I’m constantly surrounded by people who amaze me. Friends, family and even strangers- overcoming obstacles not just in running, but in life. I was lucky to be raised by parents who instilled a strong work ethic in me, doing so by example- this is something I always seem to come back to. Watching them day in and day out juggle working full time, growing and learning as people/parents, raising my sister and I to be strong/smart/healthy, as well as being adults needing to take care of themselves. Those are the kinds of lessons that translate not just into running, but into life. They showed me to work hard, play hard, learn from mistakes, and always keep trying.

    How does Zensah help you perform without limits? If the mental aspect is the biggest challenge faced in what I do, I’d say recovery is the second. As athletes, we want to go-go-go all the time, and we cannot do that without proper recovery. The body needs time to heal, and rebuild- Zensah compression is a big component of that process for me. Whether it be sleeping in calf sleeves after hard workouts or the night before a race. Wearing the ankle compression sleeve when I start to feel some twinges, or lounging in the compression tights for all-over relief. The workouts aren’t going to be as effective if you can’t bounce back from one to the next- compression definitely helps that process and allows me to work harder without needing excess recovery time.

    Zensah Athlete - Tricia Wesolek

    Name: Tricia Wesolek

    Hometown: Miami but currently live in West Palm Beach

    Sport: Running

    Years in current sport: 4 years

    What got you started: I am a former soccer player (club, high school & college) but stepped away from sports for many (many) years.  Running fills my need for competing.

    Tricia Wesolek
    Tricia Wesolek

    Biggest accomplishment of your career: I don't really think of it as an accomplishment, but more of a highlight: it was running the NYC Half.  Just being able to run and have fun is a big accomplishment for me.

    What parts of your training are key to your success?  I really need to have a plan for me to be successful.  I pick a race, plan out my training, and do it.  I wish I were someone who could just go out and run for miles just to do it, but I'm a planner,

    What is the biggest challenge you face in your sport, and what do you do to overcome it? Living in South Florida, I really struggle with the heat & hydrating properly. Even though I'm a native, it still sneaks up on me and can wreak havoc on my body.

    What is your favorite Zensah product and why? I love my Compression Leg Sleeves!! I wear them for racing & recovery.

     How long have you been using Zensah? I got my first pair of leg sleeves about a year & a half ago.

    If you could be great at any other sport besides your current one, what would it be? I am really getting into paddle board racing.  I absolutely love it, and being on the water is a bonus.  I have been splitting my time training between the two, and each are effective cross training for the other!

    What’s your favorite thing to eat after a tough workout? Spicy Bloody Mary after a race-every time!

    Who/what inspires you? I am so inspired by the women of this county who put their lives on the line to protect us: our Armed Services, Police and Firefighters.  These women are a special breed of awesome, and are truly my #sisterheros

    How does Zensah help you perform without limits?  I think Zensah sleeves help give me a competitive edge by allowing me to run a little further and a little harder without the extra fatigue.

    Kara Goucher’s Favorite Things about Track and Field

    You may be getting ready for your first track and field meet or training for a marathon doing speed work on the track. Now matter what takes you to the track, it’s plays a huge role in our running lives.

    Spring marks the start of outdoor track and field season, so to celebrate we asked Kara Goucher to help us answer a few questions:

    Kara Goucher
    Kara Goucher

    1. What is your favorite thing about Track and Field?

    My favorite thing about track and field is seeing athletes with totally different talents coming together and appreciating each other in their own disciplines.  I love how the sprinters cheer the distance events, the distance events can cheer the throwers, and on and on.

    2. One tip you want to share with track and field runners?

    Take the time to watch and appreciate other disciplines.  It will make you and even bigger fan of the sport.

    3. Is there another track and field sport you have always wanted to try? Which?

    I have always loved watching the 400 meters and the pole vault.  The 400 is a dramatic race, which unfolds over the course of one lap, it is so exciting!

    The pole vault is a crazy event.  You have to trust your pole and yourself as you vault yourself up in the air.  It's an event for the fearless - which is why I don't do it!


    We’ll be celebrating Track and Field for the coming months. Make sure to stop by your local running store for Spike Nights and keep sharing your favorite things about Track and Field with us! Tag us @zensah on Twitter and Instagram so we can cheer you on. May this season be #withoutlimitz

    And check out some of Kara’s favorite gear here!

    Compression Leg Sleeves, Invisi Running Socks, and Recovery Tight

    Recovery Tips from the Austin Track Club

    The Austin Track Club is one of America’s premier professional track & field teams, with past team members including Olympians Leo Manzano and Shannon Rowbury. Under coaches Dr. Noah Moos and George Perry the team has become a much-needed center of innovation for the sport. As they start their outdoor track season, hundreds of miles of training turn into hundreds of miles on the road.

    Here are a few recovery tips from the Austin Track Club as your track and field + marathon season get started! (link to twitter

    - Plenty of pro track & field athletes work day-jobs, many of which have them on their feet for long periods of time. Zensah compression tights fit comfortably under anything from running pants to a suit, ensuring a long day at work doesn't leave you feeling heavy or dead-legged at the next day’s training.

    - We’re athletes first. That’s our 24/7 job. Zensah Argyle Compression Socks are perfect for ensuring we get a full recovery while also keeping our usual levels of style and swag when we’re at work or on the town.

    You’ve all heard about R.I.C.E., right? Well, you don’t always get a chance to rest, ice or elevate immediately after a workout. We rely on Zensah to ensure we can always compress, wherever we are or whatever we’re doing

    - Our recommended tips for R.I.C.E.: 

    Rest - Try to spend at least an hour after your workout doing as little as possible. Watch some TV, read a book, eat a LOT. If you have a hard workout or a two-a-day, try to a get a 30-minute nap in around lunch to give your body that extra chance to get the most out of your work.

    Ice - As terrifying as it sounds, nothing beats a nice full-immersion ice bath for the legs. And we recommend you stand, not sit, in the water! Here in Austin, we’re lucky to have Barton Springs, a natural pool that is always in the low 60s. A good DIY is to put ice and water in a (clean) tall garbage can and stand in there for 5-10 minutes (wear your Zensah hat and gloves!). 

    OR, Ice baths are the classic way to get cold, but have you ever tried cryotherapy? Cryo chambers hit you with super cold gas for only 2-3 minutes, but that’s enough to juice your body’s recovery processes. As soon as you step out, your skin warms right back up so unlike an ice bath you won’t be shivering and trying to bring your temp back to normal after you’re done.

    Compression - This one’s easy. Find what works best for you, and how much compression you like while you’re working out and while you’re recovering. Each of our athlete’s has a different compression system (e.g., compression socks for tempo runs, calf sleeves for long run, tights while at home). The only way to figure it out is to try them all!

    Elevation - It might be a little awkward to lay down on the floor with your feet on your desk while at work. Maybe prop them up on another chair while you dream about getting home to your couch. You can also incorporate elevation into your post-run core work by doing stability ball bridges or stability ball hamstring curls.